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The Greatest Ghost Writer in History, Literally!

Ghostwriting is defined as writing a book or article for another individual, and which ultimately gets published in that person’s name.

Ancient Sumerian History and Origin of the Human Race - When Aliens Became Heroes of Mythology

The story of the origin of the human race is closely intertwined with the appearance and growth of ancient civilizations across the world. Every ancient civilization had its own se...

Nuclear war in ancient history – Myth or Forgotten Past?

Among all the innovative inventions that have emerged in the modern world, no other achievement has had far reaching consequences as harvesting nuclear energy.

10 Greatest revenge stories in history, of world famous rulers

The above quote aptly describes all the events that are to be described in the following lines & just proves, how it is destiny, that decides the course of action & maybe even the ...

Suffragette Emily Davison - A martyr for women's voting rights movement

21st century is an era of equality. Equality irrespective of a person's nationality, race, ethnicity or gender. But things were not always this good, even a century back. People’...

Story of Pandora's box

Quite often we use words and phrases in our daily life, without taking into consideration their literal or deep meaning.

Unbelievable history of the computer, which was created before Christ's birth

Computer has emerged in 21st century as a basic necessity for sustenance of our daily life requirements. Everything we know and everything we use is related to computers on same le...

Flying Machines of the Ancient World - Myth or Forgotten History?

Tales of ancient mythology, across different cultures, are indeed spectacularly brilliant in their stories; as far as the appeal of the incidents described therein, are concerned.

Assassins of the ancient world - When quality beats quantity

The popularity of the video game series like Prince of Persia and Assassins creed piqued the people’s interest so much, that movies were made for the people who were still uninit...

6 Famous European Classics That Were Based On Real People

Great many classics have been written in the western world, that were widely acclaimed as great composition, and later translated into many regional versions and even had movie ada...

5 Jails that made history

“Sometimes we find ourselves in middle of nowhere & sometimes in middle of nowhere we find ourselves”. This is a story of prisons in various parts of the world, which though se...

Genghis Khan - The Forgotten Asian Hero

Oh, East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet; said Rudyard Kipling in the “The Ballad of East and West“ a poem which was first published in 1889.


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