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10 Strange diseases that people hardly know about

Good health is one of the best gifts that a human being can be blessed with. To enjoy life and fruits of your labour, a good health is absolutely essential.

The Doctor Who Proved Soul Exists

The human soul – Innumerable books have been written about, this rather common topic, by people as different as - ascetics, poets and philosophers. In

Uterus Transplant - Marvel of Modern Medicine

Modern medicine has brought forward many modern-day miracles, which has given a new lease of life, to many people who had given up all hope.

Visit to the Doctor - The Advice Nobody Gives You

However, that doesn’t always work and sometimes in spite of all precautions and care, you end up with a health condition, that requires an expert health supervision.

Debug Fresno - When Mosquitoes are harbingers of Good Health

Mosquitoes have caused innumerable diseases from ancient times and humans have also tried their level best to eradicate the mosquitoes and their sources of proliferation.

Marshmallow Test & The Secret to Success

The secret to success. A phrase that has perplexed mankind from time immemorial. People have always wondered, what are the attributes, that separate the mediocre with the immensely...

Flying Machines of the Ancient World - Myth or Forgotten History?

Tales of ancient mythology, across different cultures, are indeed spectacularly brilliant in their stories; as far as the appeal of the incidents described therein, are concerned.

The reason our bodies age & what can be done to slow down the process

From a bubbling and enthusiastic teenager to a sceptic ageing person, is a transformation, that most people in this world identify themselves with, after reaching a certain stage o...

Plastic Surgery – Details That Nobody Tells You

When you think of Plastic Surgery, many things come to your mind. The most common thing, is the image of glamorous actors & actress, who defy all concepts of ageing & still appear,...

Healthy babies, by surgery before birth - Foetal Surgery

Childbirth is a miracle of nature. However, many times the miracle gets obscured by tragedy of fate, causing the childbirth to become a misfortune for the new-born baby and the exp...

Tarrare - The man who could eat anything

“The glutton is much more than an animal and much less than a Man” – Honore de Balzac

Sleep walking - Myth, reality & the ugly truth

Sleep has been considered by many as the best part of the day. Free from tension & a route for escape, from everyday monotony, it is certainly the cheapest and best way for refresh...

Aquagenic Urticaria - What to do, when you are allergic to water

“Water, water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink” describes the predicament that a sailor faces at the sea, in the poem “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner”, which was written...

Shahi Paneer - Food for the royalty & commoners alike

“Paneer” is a variety of fresh cheese, which is very commonly used, in the Indian subcontinent and also in some neighbouring countries like Iran, Azerbaijan, Armenia; either in...

Jalebi - The foreigner which conquered Indian's hearts

Whenever a foreigner enters a new land, he is met with different spectrum of emotions. Ranging from scepticism, distrust and many other negative gamut of emotions, these feelings, ...

“If a story is in you, it has to come out”- William Faulkner

Writing first developed around 3100 BC, in Mesopotamia (Modern day Iraq) ; followed closely by Indus Script used in ancient north western India ; & the world changed for ever. Whereas previously communications were mostly between two people or group of people ; but now people even present afar could be conveyed the message.



Blogging is a rather recent phenomenon and has developed, thanks to widespread use of computers and internet. A UK survey has shown that bloggers have ranked as the third most trustworthy source of information, following only friends and family. That being said, it is a fact that there are many blogs in the internet, and sometimes it becomes a bit difficult to choose from the sea of options. We have made a sincere effort to find a solution to this problem, by covering discussion on multiple, different categories of topics, spread on an extensive spectrum of queries and difficulties of Human life, in a single platform, hence the name of our blog – Guide Book to Life.

Guide Book to Life

We thoroughly agree, with Martin Luther King’s saying- if you want to help the people and change the world, pick up your pen and write. All our articles are written by people, who are well versed in their, respective topics & we have tried to fill the paper with the breathings of our heart. Although we have tried to adhere, to the facts that were, experienced and observed, first hand; but it is a fact that the art of writing is the art of discovering, what you believe. So if our esteemed readers, have some different views on the subject, they are most welcome to voice their opinion.

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