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The Reason Most People Fail

September 27, 2018 Admin 10 min Lifestyle
Why people fail

Why People Fail ?? We come across scores of people in real life or in media; people who are incredibly successful, and are loved by millions of people and we think, a real lucky man. But do we ever ponder, is it really luck or some other reason, that these people succeed. At the same time, why are there so less successful people and millions and billions of people, who just seem to be going nowhere ? Well, as has been said, that the most simple truths are quite often hidden in direct sight. But not looking forward to the reasons, why people succeed; today let us take a look at reason, why most people fail .


1) Need for Approval

Man is a social animal and it is not strange that we always seek approval of society for the things we want to do, which is certainly a good things, within certain limits. But when we let this misplaced notion of loyalty, begins to affect our growth in personal and professional life, it is time to take notice. Quite often we do not do things, which our peers /friends/family and loved ones, do not approve. But when you are constantly thinking about what others are thinking about you, you are not listening to your inner true self , and your life  begins a struggle between the person, which you are and the person you could have been; if you had the conviction to follow your dream .

Why people fail

2) Blaming Others

Usually when problem starts we try to blame others and do not focus on changes that should be made to fix the problem. A  successful person, always takes responsibility  for his actions and accepts that he took a wrong decision and instead of blaming others for misleading him or betraying his trust. A successful person knows, that by blaming others no solution can be found; only by tackling a problem head on can be a solution be visualised; so there is no point in blaming others or oneself, for mistakes that happened in the past, but try to take the correct decision in the future, with help of  the knowledge of the past .


3) Indefinite Goals

A lots of people in today’s  world , do not have any idea about what they want to do in their life. Without knowing your destination, you can never choose the correct path to reach your goal. A person should first try to identify the things, that they love to do; things which are close to their heart, doing which makes them forget about eating and drinking. Then they should try to choose their vocation, surrounding those things. As has been said, if you do things, you love to do, you will not have to work a single day of your life .


4) Lack of Confidence

It is very natural, that when a person starts something new , he or she is bound to be nervous. But constantly doubting oneself  and pessimistic views make a person weak. It has to be understood, that talents may come naturally but skills develop only by repeated practise and hard work. And hard works beat talent, when talent is not working hard. So by repeated practice, confidence levels can surely be increased.


5) Ignoring your Health

To achieve anything great, hard work is imperative. It is quite obvious that a sick person’s effort would be certainly compromised. Wrong habits make you prone to illness. So whenever food /drinks / lifestyle a person chooses, will certainly effect his health. It is very imperative to ensure that these effects are positive and not negative.


6) Lack of Action

Lying to others is an integral part of politics. Even lying to others is quite standard, in business also. Although both are highly morally wrong and with serious  consequences, but the worst harm a person can do is to lie to one’s  heart. People often come up with great ideas, and they tell themselves that they will certainly implement it. But then days, week, months and finally years pass without their doing anything. Procrastination is one of the most common cause, why people do not start .Failure to keep moving forward  will lead to stagnation. It has been said that procrastination is like a credit card, it is fun until you get the bill. So if a person wants to succeed in life, small dedicated steps have to be taken, in the correct direction each day .


7) Disracted by Others

Australia is 9 hour ahead of UK , but does that make UK slow ? Barrack Obama became the President of USA  at age of 47 years & Donald Trump, became the President at an age of 70 years. But in no way is Mr Trump’s achievement is less than that of  President Obama. It has to be understood that every person is different, and comparison between two different person is absolutely futile. Unsuccessful people usually go for unwarranted comparison to  justify their failures.


8) Putting People Down

If you constantly engage in negative self talk or putting others down, you are only inviting negativity into your life. Successful people understand that encouragement  goes a long more distance than criticism, as far as getting results from colleague and co workers are concerned. Negative vibes, effect the performance of people adversely and should always be avoided. Only constant words of encouragement and support, can bring out the best in the people.


9) Staying in your Own Comfort Zone & Failing to Improvise

It has been said, that comfort zone is a nice place to stay but nothing grows there. if you want something you never had, you have to do something, you have never done before. Unless you try, you will never know what you are capable of doing. Albert  Einstein said – “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. So for success in life or carrier, a person has to learn new skills or pick up a new trade, which may appear to be risky and troublesome in the beginning, but always gives dividends at the end; unfortunately most unsuccessful people are unable to fathom these things.


10) Aiming for Perfection

Most people believe that if they want to succeed in life they should be perfect in what they do. Although it is true to a great extent, but it has to be understood that perfection is not achieved in a day, month or an year. Instead of setting unattainable expectations for yourself, accept that you will make mistakes. Constant attempt to improve oneself, and small increments  made over years, are the factors which separate the successful people from losers.


11) Waiting for the Correct Time

It has been said that most people wait the whole week for the weekend, the whole year for the summer holidays; and their whole life for the correct moment to do the things that they always wanted. But it has to be understood, that, there is no correct moment. You just have to seize the moment, that you have and try to  make it perfect.  If you refuse to jump into the fray until it feels like right time, you may spend the rest of your life just waiting.


12) Not Having a Budget

It is a bitter truth of today’s world that any venture  either in personal or professional  life, needs some kind of investment – either in form of money or time, usually both. In a new business venture,  careless spending can easily lead to financial undoing, which can severely affect your chance of success. But it has to be understood, that lack of financial resources, although  certainly  a handicap ; is by no means a unsurmountable obstacle. The reason being, that finances can always be arranged , in form of loan from Banks / Sponsors and Investors; provided  the basic plans are build on sound principles and are trustworthy by the institutions concerned.


13) Relying On Others

The people who believe that their friends / family / well wishers would help them by their whole heart and  total resources, get disappointed sooner or later and land in frustration, soon enough. The reason are quite obvious. Life is an eternal battle and every one is battling his own demons. So in this situation it is certainly not practical or possibly feasible, for someone to help another in constant basis. Everyone has to take, responsibility for himself/herself sooner or later. The people who believe the world owes them something, quite often fail. These people whenever face some kind of obstruction, expect someone to bail them out & when nobody does so, they do what comes naturally to them, they quit.


14) Being Unwilling to Pay the Price of Victory

Every person in his life has certain kind of goal. It may be earning money, achieve a certain level of fitness  or acquiring a new skill. But the most important reason that they fail to achieve these goal is because, there is a price to be paid. If  the target  is to acquire a physical perfection, then that may require making dietary changes / stop eating stuff you like ; or it may require going to the Gym and putting up extra time for that. To start a new business a loan may have to be taken from a bank .Everything we want to do in life or a goal that we strive for demands paying a certain price for success .Most losers are not willing to pay that price, in order to get the thing that they always dreamt about. Successful people are always ready to pay the price, and never deviate from their path, come what may.


15) Quitting Attitude and Lack of Perseverance

It has been said that, Edison made more than ten thousand attempts, to perfect the lightbulb. When asked about his experience, he said “ I have not failed. I have just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”.  Colonel Sanders, the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken  was turned down one thousand and nine times  before his chicken recipe was accepted .  JK Rowling, the author of Harry Potter series, was turned down by  12 different publishing houses before,  British independent  publisher Bloomsbury offered  her a chance . It is this never die spirit, that is hallmark of all successful people; a trait that unsuccessful people lack. Maybe this last trait, is the most important factor, that separates the Successful people from the failures.


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